1st Hackathon event in Briswell Vietnam in 2023

1st Hackathon event in Briswell Vietnam in 2023

Briswell Vietnam organized a Hackathon event for company members, creating opportunities for everyone to research and develop new services. The event runs for three weeks; in the last week, there will be a presentation, and the groups will present their achievements over the past three weeks. Here are the details of this Hackathon event.


  • Develop new services for the company
  • Improve and develop new development methods.
  • Help members achieve objectives they usually do not have the opportunity to accomplish when participating in company projects, such as the design and release stages.


  • The event runs from February 13 to March 2.
  • The presentation will take place on March 2.
  • Members need to arrange to join this activity at least 2 days per week. For members with more free time, more participation is possible.


  • The management board issues specific rules and schedules for the event.
  • The management board decides on members for each team.
  • Hold a meeting of all event participants to explain the rules, schedule, topics, and members of each team.
  • Teams meet together to decide on the group’s product, notify the management board about their products.
  • Hold a presentation on March 2 (prepare presentation materials and videos).
  • Write tech blog articles about the team’s products.


Fitness/ Healthcare


The list of teams and members is as follows:

Team1: Calories-showing (Nghĩa, Sang, Đạt, Hào, Ngọc(C))

Team2: Enjoy-life (Hiếu, Duy, Vinh, Hoàng, Trung, Châu(C))

Team3: Healthy-healthier (Thành, Khánh, Hữu, Khuyên, T.Anh(C))

Operation support: Hải(C)


  • The 1st prize: 200.000 VND for each member.
  • Run the business using the application.
  • Have a bonus if their product has a profit.


  • Tasks are managed by Redmine. (Same with the BWJ PJ)
  • Protect copyrights and information confidentiality.
  • Use repositories of GitHub the company provided.
  • Need to use AI technology or AI services in the team’s application (can use simple AI services to process text, images, sounds, etc.)
  • The management board’s consent is required when using the paid services. Prioritize the use of free services. (When using a fee-based service, you need to make a list of specific costs, the company will pay each team at most 1,000,000 VND per month)
  • Hold meetings between members every morning. (Remember to create a meeting schedule)
  • When building the system, the UI is written in English.


  • The result of the winning team will be decided through the votes of members of Briswell Vietnam and Briswell Japan.

Decide product

  • Before proceeding with product development, each team needs to decide what products the team will make, the AI services they will use, as well as how to implement the team’s products and services. The team will then notify the management board and need to get approval before officially proceeding with the design and coding.


According to the plan outlined, the presentation will occur on March 2. Teams present their products. Accordingly, each team will create a presentation document with the following details:

  • The attractiveness/content of the service (explained at the same time as running the application)
  • The technology used and method of application development
  • Services, tools, and libraries used (be sure to include the license and their intended use)
  • Features and advantages of the product that the team has devised
  • The members and their roles
  • AI Service used and its purpose
  • Unfinished features or features to be added in the future
  • Other things

Specific schedule of the presentation day:

3h00 ~ 3h05: Introduction (the management board)

3h05 ~ 3h30: Team Enjoy-Life

3h30 ~ 3h35: Break

3h35 ~ 4h00: Team Calories-Showing

4h00 ~ 4h05: Break

4h05 ~ 4h30: Team Healthy-Healthier

4h30 ~ 5h00: Voting and other activities


The voting period is from March 2 to March 8. Below are the voting results.

Based on the voting results, there were 2 teams equal to the number of votes. To select the winning team, the management board relied on other criteria such as presentation, harmony, teamwork, and cooperation in work. We decided that the final winning team of Hackathon 202302 was Enjoy Life with the Ingredient Checker product. At the same time also congratulate the remaining teams who also tried their best with their products.

Because this is the first time the Hackathon event has been held, many things still need to be corrected; the management board has also received feedback from everyone to improve the next time, and thank you to all members who attended the event.

Below are links to the tech blog posts of the Hackathon products.

Team Calorie Showing with the product Calorie Showing.


Team Enjoy Life with the product Ingredient Checker.


Team Heathy Healthier with the product Easy Medicine.