About Briswell Vietnam

In recent years, the way of corporate management has been evolving rapidly by developing the internet. At the same time, equip the environment with taking in the growth of the emerging country by the globalism and borderless while being in the developed country.
For that reason, established the application development office in Vietnam in November 2014 contributing the emerging country, the globalism and the growth of Vietnam.
Briswell Vietnam contributes to the business expansion of the customers throw using the current internet technology to the management and the passion of developing in the best place in Asia.

Management principle

Create the plus alpha of the future society by IT

Currently, the cloud computing system and big data analyzing are popular technology already. The AI technology, deep learning and etc, and the virtual reality system are developed rapidly more than now.
The present social systems will be moved to the next stage throw the IT technology. Briswell Vietnam contributes the creating the application fitting there continuously.

Action Guidelines

Provide the services by the customer viewpoints

    • Pursue the requirement the customer wants.
    • Pursue the way the customer uses.
    • Provide the service better than the customer expected.

Not implement something by listening from someone and researching easily, understand the root of the facts and problems first and then serve the solutions.
Following it, we can create something more than the customer expected.
We make the customer like our services via this policy.

Every time to improve ourselves continuously and become more than now.

    • Improve quality more than now.
    • Improve delivery speed more than now.
    • Don’t make the same failuer more than twice.


It is difficult to improve all things soon. But we will enhance ourselves by facing our problems and improving them continuously.

Fulfill our responsibilities as a professional.

    • Keep commitment.
    • Be conscious of our added value each other.
    • Enjoy your hard work.


As a professional, keep a commitment, understand yourself and try to implement the high-level tasks. In addition, enjoy your work efficiently while working concentratively.

Make the best result by the team work.

    • Don’t forget to respect each other and tell the feeling of gratitude.
    • For maximizing the team work, we will share our knowledge and experience and cooperate each other.
    • We can make a higher result throw delighting and reflecting our result with each other.

It is difficult to finish the large number of tasks alone. Need to get help of members.Further more, we can feel great with sharing delightful and bitter situations with each other. For that reason, we cooperate, respect and delight together with growing up members.