About our service

Briswell Vietnam is a subsidiary of Briswell Japan.
We create a system application following the customer request by high quality and stable delivery.

Briswell Group takes charge of all developing phases like requirement definition, design, development, testing, release, and operation to create and run an enterprise system.
We create an application by not only full scratch but also using the various framework and cloud services for focusing speed up and operation flexibility.
We use the AWS (Amazon Web Service) for the development not to make limited the place of development, testing, and operation for the customer and us.

We can offer the service not only project style but also lab style that means we serve the lab team for the customer and the customer decides the development method, priority and the way proceed.
We can fit the Scrum method of agile and DevOps.

Offshoring: Developing application

Create by Vietnam development office. This product same with Japan quality. but, cost is cheaper than Japan. We have experienced creating enterprise system, web system, cloud system, android/iOS application and IoT.

Offshoring: Lab

Customer keep your development team in our company for their service. The team members looks like customer resources and proceed the projects. We can serve the agile method and the Devops.