[Hackathon] IngredientChecker Application

[Hackathon]  IngredientChecker Application

About IngredientChecker

In the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, many consumers have begun using technology to improve their quality of life. Health is the top priority, and nowadays there are many different products appearing worldwide in various categories such as skincare, functional foods, drugs, etc. However, most of them contain chemical ingredients that the majority of ordinary users are not familiar with regarding their functions or side effects. IngredientChecker was created to help solve this problem.

Now let’s take a closer look at the application.



A popular platform, powerful features suitable for a cross-platform application.

Google cloud vision (GCV)

The Google Cloud Vision API provides the ability to accurately recognize text and images based on pre-trained AI models by Google. It’s very easy to integrate into a product for further development.
We integrated GCV to identify ingredients on product labels. GCV provides fast and accurate recognition speed.


Integrating the ChatGPT API helps improve accuracy by allowing OpenAI to identify the chemical components in text content. It also helps eliminate unnecessary text.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Progressive Web App (PWA) is integrated so that users can install the app directly from the website. It gives users the feeling of using a Native app that we install from the Google Play Store or App Store.

The advantage is that it has a short development time, and there’s no need to code separate versions for the web and mobile apps.

The main features of the application

  • – Image retrieval from camera, photo library, or other storage options such as iCloud or Google Drive
  • – Text recognition from the “ingredient” information on product labels
  • – Search and filter relevant information such as usage and side effects
  • – Data information is only stored in device memory, no information will be stored on the server
  • – Support EN – VI languages

Target audience

  • – Regular users of skincare products or other products such as medicines, nutrifood , who need to pay attention to the ingredients of the product to consider whether to use it or not
  • – People who are sensitive to chemical ingredients, need to research ingredients to avoid side effects


  • – Quickly search data on each ingredient on the product label
  • – Data is stored on the user’s device, can be viewed at any time
  • – The application supports on most devices
  • – User-friendly interface, easy to use

New features for the next version

  • – Support multiple languages
  • – Manage users through allowing account login
  • – Support product search on the market with the best price
  • – Improve search function, results with high accuracy and performance
  • – Recognize more format types from various products
  • – Feature to synthesize reviews about the product from many different selling websites, to see the reliability of the product

How to use

3 basic steps


Demo and link app:


Link: https://ingredient-checker.briswell-vn.com/