Event May 2023 – Summer Beginning Event

Event May 2023 – Summer Beginning Event

For working people, the concept of summer might no longer brings a sense of excitement and anticipation. Because it doesn’t have any difference with other season like it used to be when we were a child, we still need to wake up, dress up and go to work. Sometimes we only startle to realize that summer has come when we hear the sound of cicadas tinkling through the trees on the way back home after a long day at the office.

Briswell Vietnam’s event this time was held at the end of May – the beginning of summer and also very close to International Children’s Day (June 1st). We wonder if the “adults” in our company still remember their childhood feelings? With the desire to help our member return to their childhood, partly forget about the hardships and pressures in life, we organized games which tatses like those bygone years. So, how did our event go? Read on to follow along!

The opening game is a witty and funny game named “Chase pictures catch letters”. Perhaps everyone is no more stranger to this game as it was used to be a famous TV gameshow in the early 2000s, hosted by famous comedian Uncle Xuan Bac. Maybe that’s why members were able to grasp the rules of the game and find out the correct answers very quickly. On television, players participated in individuals. But in Briswell Vietnam, we played team to improve teamwork and increase cohesion among members.

In the first round, the competion was concluded with a score of 6-4. In the very beginning questions, the overall winner looked like they were being left behind but then quickly caught up and took the lead. What a fascinating battle!

The two teams in the first round are competing

In the second round, despite the increase in the number of questions, everyone kept their form throughout the match and ended with the score of 12-8. After determining the winner and loser, there was a super difficult questions that even the game designer couldn’t find the answer. So, we asked for the help of the teams. Although we couldn’t solve it yet, we had been able to deduce together, ignore the win and lose, contribute to strengthen the solidarity in the Briswell Vietnam family.

The teams in the second round are on their way to the finish line


A tough question that even the game designer didn’t know the answer

When you were young, were you used to be excited to go to the market or the supermarket to do the grocery shopping with your mother? Or were you hyper excited when your mother gave you a list of things and assigned the shopping task for you? At that moment, you must had been so proud because you felt like you had already grown up, right? But when we’ve actually grown up, doing grocery shopping might be no longer the exciting things as it’s used to. However, remembering the childhood memories makes us feel really nostalgic, doesn’t it?

Thus, to recall the feeling of those bygone years, the second game is Supermarket Challenge. In this game, we have 4 teams playing, each team randomly choose the supermarket that their team will be in charge of. Then, each member of the teams will see the product list of their supermarkets, memorize and write them down in limited time. The team have the most products is the winner. In addition, members can get more points for their team by looking for real items in the office which are included in the product list of all supermarkets. This part of the game took place in a bustling way as everyone was frantically searching for objects throughout the office. The game ended with the winning of Dev 3 team.

Each team member is trying to remember the product name


Items found in the office by the teams


Gifts for winning team members

Ending the game with a refreshing mood, Briswell Vietnam family had a cozy dinner together. The restaurant selected this time was Seoul Garden, which has a spacious and very cozy space. The food was diverse and rich with typical Korean grilled dishes. It is an ideal place to gathering with friends and family.

While enjoying the meal, everyone was able to chat with each other, about stories that are difficult to share when being at the office. In addition, at this event, Briswell Vietnam also welcomed 4 new members from Comtor and Admin team, they are all among the youngest members of the company. Through this event, they again had one more chance to quickly integrate with people and understand more about the company’s culture!

The May’s event ended with cheers and laughter that brought everyone in Briswell Vietnam family closer together than ever. Hope the new members will be able to learn a lot more skill and knowledge while working at Briswell Vietnam and let’s look forward to the next event!