EVENT PARTY in 08.2023

EVENT PARTY in 08.2023

After three months of waiting, Briswell Vietnam brings to its employees an interesting and meaningful event. August is not only the last month of summer but also the month leading up to the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival. This is a great opportunity for us to rest and unwind after work pressures, as well as bond and share with wonderful and friendly colleagues. Let’s enjoy a colorful and joyful party with Briswell Vietnam! 🥂🎊🎈.

The event starts with the game “King of Vietnamese” which gives players a word or a sentence with scrambled characters or words. The game has 4 teams, each team competes with each other for 5 minutes. The team that gives the most correct answers wins. This game is designed to test the player’s understanding and use of Vietnamese. It is an interesting and attractive game, giving players a sense of excitement and challenge when competing with other opponents 💪.

Rules of the game King of Vietnamese

In the first round, Team 1 showed their superiority with a score of 12-3. The members of Team 1 were extremely excellent when they gave very fast and accurate answers, making everyone amazed.

Team 1 members

The match between Team 3 and Team 4 is the next part of the competition. This confrontation was very tense and exciting, and in the end, Team 4 won with a score of 8-7.

The competition between Team 3 and Team 4

The step to the final is the tense match between Team 1 and Team 4. In this final match, there were extremely difficult questions that even the organizers could not remember what the answer was, questions that made everyone silent and thinking.

Everyone is focused on the exciting final match.

The confrontation between the two teams was quite balanced until the last questions, Team 1 answered correctly many consecutive questions to win the final with a score of 8-6.

The image of Team 1 happily smiling when receiving the program’s award

Our second game is the keyword guessing game, a fun and creative game 🎨. Each team will have one person on stage, this person will use body language and facial expressions to describe the keyword for other members of the team to guess. Within 5 minutes, the team that guesses the most keywords will win 🏆.

Starting with Team 1’s play, although they were the first team to play, Team 1 showed no hesitation when they correctly guessed 9/15 questions within 5 minutes.

The competition of Team 1

The second team encountered a very difficult set of keywords, causing them to have difficulty guessing. They could only answer 7/15 questions correctly within 5 minutes.

The competition of Team 2

For the third team, with their lively performance and accurate judgment, they brilliantly guessed 14/15 keywords within 5 minutes.

The competition of Team 3

Surprisingly, just when it seemed that Team 3 had almost secured the win by answering 14/15 questions correctly, the appearance of Team 4 with 15/15 correct answers defeated and became the winning team in game 2 of this event party.

The competition of Team 4

The members are overjoyed when receiving the winning prize from the program

After the end of the second game, it is also time for lunch. The hot atmosphere of the sunny summer noon is very suitable for everyone to go into an air-conditioned restaurant to enjoy. The lucky restaurant this time is Bếp cuốn, where there are delicious traditional specialties of Vietnam.

In addition, at this event, Briswell Vietnam welcomes 4 new members from the Dev team. All of them are interns who have become official employees of the company. We hope them will work hard, learn a lot of experience, and contribute to the development of Briswell Vietnam. Congratulations on becoming a part of the Briswell family! 🎉🎉🎉.

The August 2023 event party of the company has ended in joy and happiness. We had wonderful moments together, going through challenges and completing tasks. This is a great opportunity for us to bond and understand each other better. Thank you to all members for participating and contributing to the success of the event 👏.

Wish everyone always happy and happy! 😊 And let’s look forward to the next event! 🎉