Recent years, along with the rapid development of the IT (Information Technology) industry, the demand for human resources for the IT industry such as developer, etc. has also increased. Especially in developed countries like Japan.

More and more Japanese software development companies are exploiting IT personnel from developing countries like Vietnam under the form of Outsourcing or building offshore companies. But there’s a problem. Developers who know Japanese are very few and Japanese people rarely use foreign languages to work. In order for Vietnamese developer and Japanese project managers, customers to understand each other, it is necessary to have someone who is proficient in both Japanese and Vietnamese languages, and also IT’s business. That person is IT-COM.

Perhaps people are not too unfamiliar with this phrase so far. Briswell Vietnam is one of the offshore IT companies in Vietnam with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Let’s find out who IT-COM is, and the special things of IT-COM in our company.

1. Who is IT-COM?

IT-COM is an acronym for Information Technology Communicator, also known as IT-Comter. IT-COM is the person standing between Japanese developers, project managers, customers (hereinafter referred to as the Japanese side) and Vietnamese developers, development leader (hereinafter referred to as the Vietnamese side) to help the two sides communicate and work together.

2. What is the job of an IT-COM and what does IT-COM at Briswell Vietnam do?

Each company has its own requirements for the job of an IT-COM. However, an IT-COM will have to do the following basic tasks:

– Translate project design files such as DB design, screen design, API design, etc.

– Interpret in meetings with the Japanese side

– Secretary to record meetings (and translate notes)

– Translate questions, answer  of Vietnamese side and Japanese side

– Translate feedback (bug, etc) from the Japanese side

At Briswell Vietnam, IT-COM will take on the following additional tasks:

– Understand the business logic and explain to the developers when needed

– Create test condition for unit test and integration test based on design

– Implement unit test and integration test

– Manage and report project progress when needed

– Create design document of database, API, screen, report, batch based on requirement

Q: Why does Briswell Vietnam require IT-COM to understand the project business?

A: Because at Briswell Vietnam, IT-COM plays a very important role. Whether the project runs smoothly or not, whether the project is successful or not, the role of IT-COM is also one of the deciding factors.  If an IT-COM only translate like a machine but doesn’t fully grasp the project’s business, the communication will only stop at the level of word by word translation. So, such rough translation will cause Vietnamese developers consume more time to understand or confirm the request. Only when understands the project, IT-COM can properly and quickly translate Japanese side’s main idea for Vietnamese side and vice versa. Tasks such as creating test condition, implement test are not only useful for understanding the business of the project but also useful for learning more about IT knowledge.

Q: Is it a bit too much for an IT-COM to do things like creating test-condition, implement test?

A: Most IT-COM are linguistic major, so it may be difficult to get in touch with a major like IT for the first time. However, at Briswell Vietnam, you will be trained to become an IT-COM methodically from zero. As long as you have determination and really serious about your work, do  not worry too much.

3. What abilities and skills does we look for in an IT-COM?

If you want to work as an IT-COM in our company, we are looking for the following abilities, skills and mindset:

– Japanese level equivalent to N2 or higher.

– Can talk directly or chat with the Japanese person in charge to confirm and  propose about specifications of application development.

– Want to work in the IT field.

– Must clarify what partner want to do, understand clearly to respond.

– Understand your current self to improve.

– Have a sense of responsibility and implement about deadlines ad commitment.

– Enjoy focusing on the results of the team, not individual.

4. How to become an excellent IT-COM?

In addition to the above, what is the most important thing to become an excellent IT-COM? Revealing from senior IT-COM at Briswell Vietnam, the secret is self-study. Perhaps not only for IT-COM but in any filed, self-study and self-training to improve skills is the most important thing. And to do that, you must be really serious and passionate with your job.

Experience is an important element too. No one can be good at the first time. So take it easy, give it your best shot, and learn from your failure and successes. It’s also important to learn from those who have come before us, but isn’t it the best way to experience and enlighten it yourself.

Hope this essay has been able to help you understand the work of an IT-COM at Briswell Vietnam. Wishing you good health and see you in the next articles!!!