Briswell Vietnam World Cafe 2022 – Cheap trip in Saigon

Briswell Vietnam World Cafe 2022 – Cheap trip in Saigon

It’s been a long time since we held a company event at the office.
Many staff is working remotely, and the work environment for employees has improved but decreased the opportunities for casual conversations and questions. That caused difficulties to build relationships compared with before.

In particular, I felt that the distance between new employees and the remote work staff mainly did not shrink much.
So we held “World Cafe” as a company event at the office.

This will be discussed in a team using a brainstorming style along with one theme. However, instead of continuing discussions with the same members, change the members in the second phase to get new ideas. And then the members move back to the original team in the 3rd phase to discuss and brush up.

The theme this time is “A two-day trip with a budget of 1.000.000 VND for foreigners, which is not written in the tour guide”
We chose a theme that is easy to discuss because the purpose of this event is to improve their communication skills and participants from all departments, including administrators, translators, and developers, join.

The result is below.

For your information, “1.000.000VND” is a metaphor for being cheap, and only those who have experienced it know whether “1.000.000VND” is really enough or not.
We will not compensate for the amount or feasibility, so please do it at your own risk.

Team 1: Tieu Buu Chau – Do Thi Nhu Bich Ngoc – Vo Thi Bao Tran – Nguyen Thien Anh

Welcome to busy and bustling Saigon.

For a 2-day tour, we planned a trip that everyone can admire and be fond of the cultural diversity of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). We will enjoy Vietnamese dishes when visiting Pho Hoa, Secret Garden restaurant, Dinh Cong Trang “Banh xeo – Vietnamese pancake” or simply sitting on the sidewalk drinking “Ca phe sua da – Vietnamese iced coffee”. “Dinh Doc Lap – Independence Palace”, “Ben Nha Rong – Nha Rong Wharf” or “Fine Arts Museum” are also on the schedule to explore famous Saigon-styled places. Then we move on to enjoy Chinese cuisine when eating Haidilao hotpot or feel the Chinese cultural life in District 5 when having snacks here or when visiting Thien Hau Pagoda and Binh Tay market. Finally, experience the excitement and luxury of the West when going to Thao Dien area or having dinner at 4P’s pizza.

We hope everyone has an unforgettable trip.


Team 2: Nguyen Thanh Huu – Tao Viet Ha – Nguyen Van Sang – Vo Ngoc Duy

When coming to HCMC, tourists will have a lot of exciting experiences, as well as enjoy
the special dishes here.

One of the indispensable dishes when coming to HCMC is Pho, Broken Rice, Banh Mi, Bun Bo… Tourists can choose one of all these dishes for breakfast or lunch. In addition to eating, tourists can visit some of the following places to learn more about the Vietnamese people’s culture and history: War Museum, Independence Palace, City Post Office… Tourists can go for a night walk at Nguyen Hue Walking Street, can shop at night markets such as Ben Thanh Market, Ba Chieu Market …, commercial centers: NowZone, Aeon mall… In addition to shopping. and
dining, tourists can visit famous entertainment places of the city such as Suoi Tien Theme Park, Dam
Sen park … to experience as well as enjoy the games here.


Team 3: Chau Lai Gia Thanh – Nguyen Van Trung – Le Ngoc Khanh – Nguyen Huu Danh – Long Tran Hao

Being a dynamic and crowded city, stay services are always available for anyone. Finding about history, we can visit museums or discover cultures via sightseeing at antique pagodas. Additionally, you can experience modern styles and go shopping at Landmark 81. Besides that, Vietnamese foods are also unique-style with attractive prices like “cơm tấm”, “bún đậu”, “bún bò Huế“, etc…


Team 4: Do Tiep Khuyen – Dang Thuy Vy – Tran Tien Vinh – Pham Huu Duy – Dang Minh Dat

HCMC is a large area of ​​​​entertainment, shopping, and dining and is very suitable for tourism, especially for foreign tourists.
You can come to HCMC any time, especially during Christmas or New Year holidays, because the activities are diversified. But for the best experience, I suggest not to come in the rainy season.
Because the traffic density in HCMC is quite crowded, it is advisable to avoid peak hours. To save money, we can travel by bus, or rent a motorbike or bicycle. Cyclo is also a vehicle that is quite popular with foreign tourists because it is also an interesting vehicle, so try it once.
With a 2-days-1-night trip, I suggest places not to be missed in the morning when you first arrive here, such as visiting Notre Dame Cathedral, the City post office, or amusement parks like Dam Sen, Suoi Tien, and Botanical garden. At night is the time when activities in HCMC take place most excitingly, interesting places can be mentioned such as Nha Rong Wharf, Landmark building if you are a sightseeing person, and night market if you are an enthusiast. Eating. Nguyen Hue Walking Street, known as the “paradise” at night in HCMC, is also a place not to be missed.
We can visit historic sites such as Independence Palace and Cu Chi Tunnels on the second day. These places keep a part of the heroic history of the Vietnamese nation.
In addition, this place is also a place where people from all over the country gather, so the cuisine is also vibrant, including “specialty” dishes such as bread, pho, beef noodle soup, sticky rice, etc.
Finally, the indispensable part when returning from travel is souvenirs. Small gifts such as coffee, coffee filter, conical hat, and shrimp chips will be significant because they bring many unique characteristics of Vietnam.


Team 5: Nguyen Trung Nghia – Nguyen Trung Hieu – Nguyen Van Huu – Nguyen Thanh Nhan

Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon. This is where people from all regions of Vietnam come to make their living, which makes it one of the best places to visit if you want a quick overal look into Vietnamese culture. If you are planning on travelling with a tight budget, then Ho Chi Minh is a perfect place and we have a schedule for a cheap 2-day tour that we would like to recommend to you.
On the first day, you will explore the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City, where there are many stops for you to discover the wonderful Vietnamese street food. Also you can learn more about the heroic culture and history of Vietnam by visiting the war relic buildings, the Independence Palace, …
It is said that Saigon is truly alive when night time. Let’s explore the different rhythm of life from the daytime in Ho Chi Minh.
On the second day you will head out to the suburbs and visit the the Cu Chi Tunnels, to learn more about how the Vietnamese fought during the war. And here, you will also experience Cu Chi cuisine. And there’s so much more waiting for you to discover in Ho Chi Minh!